Sian bennett is an artist who trained at Camberwell School of Art and has exhibited at a range of venues across London and the south of England.  Here she explains the context of her work.


My latest series of work is an interpretation of the landscapes of East Coast beaches during a long hot summer.

My painting process causes me to eliminate any element that fails to contribute to the main feeling and I therefore select the elements that reinforce it.  For example in “Rune” painting,  the subject is a found stone  that is held in the hand and the feeling or impression that might evoke.  There are also some markings or lettering on the stone that are felt by the fingers but are mysterious and still unclear.

In previous work and in  my current work I see my painting as a refining process where I try out different techniques in order to disregard some and include others.  This practice of elimination enables the painting to get closer and closer to a true expression of an inner reality, and a ‘true voice’.